Ultimate Orgasm for Men!

Ultimate Orgasm

orgasm3.jpgUltimate Orgasm for Men!

By: Heather


Sex toys give the ultimate orgasm to men! Wait a minute, aren’t these things for women only? I know, most men object to woman using sex toys and enhancers, asking “Aren’t I good enough?” Once men become comfortable they quickly realize that toys don’t replace the partner, it significantly enhances partner sex, which can enhance sex for him too!

There are C-rings that encourage a reliable erection, or delay creams, like my Stay Hard Cream, that can help a man last long enough to bring a woman to orgasm.

sextoy1.pngA definite man pleaser is the GIGI. This can be used several different ways. When he is away from home and has the urge, or when you are talking dirty to him while he is away on business, he can use it on himself, with a little warming Lubricant; it will feel like the real thing. The GIGI can also be used for oral sex, slip it on him, put the tip of his penis in your mouth, hide under the covers and he may never know the difference. The GIGI can also be used as a bumper guard for that extra loooong man! The GIGI can come also in vibrating modes!

How many know where the man’s G-Spot is? For those who do not know, it is their prostate, up inside the anal canal. For a man’s ultimate orgasm try something like Jet Black or Onyx adventure! Massaging the man’s prostate while performing oral can give a man that ultimate orgasm! Do not be jealous women; these two are great anal pleasure for you too!

So layback and get ready to be aroused in ways that will blow your mind. If you are interested in these or any of my arousing mind blowing sex enhancers, please email me. Parties are free, fun and educational.

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